Saturday 20 January 5pm, 7pm and 9pm Travels in Light — The Voice Project Choir Princes St Norwich Multi venue promenade performances of original music by strong choir reflecting on the time of the year, the sleep of winter, the dark nights, short days but ultimately the promise of spring to come. Would you like to travel in light? In one of the darkest parts of the year, when the post-festive blues can really set in, The Voice Project Choir offer to take you on an uplifting multi venue journey that will inspire with the promise of spring to come. There will be three separate performances at 5pm; 7pm and 9pm. All the music for the concerts has been specially written for the Voice Project Choir. Parts of the building date from the 13th century and it has clear but gentle acoustic properties. The United Reformed Church is a totally different type of building built in the early 19th century. It is bright, open and airy with a gallery and much bigger windows than the other two. The Voice Project was set up in as an educational education and performance organisation by music professionals Sian Croose and Jonathan Baker.

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There is connection with the general railway system of the county by the Great Eastern railway and its connections, and local railways to Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Lynn, Wells, Hunstanton, North Walsham and Cromer, also the new Eastern and Midlands railway to Lynn. There are two independent channels to the sea, by the river Yare to Yarmouth and by the Waveney to Lowestoft.

As a manufacturing city, no less than by its great population, it is one of the most important places in England. Norwich has not lacked historians, and all concur in ascribing to it an origin of considerable antiquity: In the time of Alfred the Great it was attacked by the Danes and became the capital of Guthrum. The place rose to importance, and had a mint; and in the reign of Edward the Confessor it had 25 churches and 1, burgesses.

In Eldred made Norwich a borough, governed by a sergeant or officer, appointed by the king to keep his courts and collect his revenues In Bishop Herbert de Losinga moved the see here from Thetford, and founded and endowed the cathedral and built the episcopal palace. In a number of Flemish weavers, driven out of their country by an inundation, settled here and greatly improved the worsted and clothing trades: In Norwich was visited by a pestilence, which carried off 57, persons in seven months out of the then population of 70, In the city received a new charter from Henry IV, by which it was ever to be governed by a mayor and sheriffs elected by the citizens, and thereby became a county of itself.

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The latter stands at one of the highest points in the city. It was begun in and opened in The style is a very pure form of 13th-century Decorated Early English, a fine example of revival architecture. St John’s is the second largest Catholic cathedral in the United Kingdom. To find out more about this wonderful cathedral, visit the history pages of the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St John the Baptist website.

Norwich Cathedral In the heart of Norwich stands the Cathedral, separated from the busy streets by flint walls and entrance gates, but still a living part of the city.

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Life[ edit ] Little is known about the life of Julian of Norwich also known as Juliana or her family. Julian’s Church in Norwich , to which her anchorite’s cell was joined, [13] but Julian was a common name among women in the Middle Ages and could have originally belonged to either the anchoress or the church. At least one source considered it likely that she received her early education with the Benedictine nuns at nearby Carrow.

There is scholarly debate as to whether Julian was a nun in a nearby convent or a laywoman. As part of the ritual, he held a crucifix in the air above the foot of her bed. Julian reported that she was losing her sight and felt physically numb, but as she gazed on the crucifix she saw the figure of Jesus begin to bleed. The one surviving manuscript from this period is the mid- to late th century Westminster Manuscript, which contains a portion of the Long Text not naming Julian as its author , refashioned as a didactic treatise on contemplation.

On the one hand, there exists the late 16th century Brigittine Long Text manuscript, produced in exile in the Antwerp region and now known as the Paris Manuscript. The other set of readings may be found in two manuscripts, now in the British Library ‘s Sloane Collection. It was reprinted in , and again in

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“I used to spend hours at Norwich Castle – goggling with wonder at not only the ancient and medieval artefacts, but at paintings, costume, and a most scintillating array of precious and decorative objects that made me positively drool over the glass cases!”.

The latest plans for its redevelopment were published in March Angel Yard Lost yard associated with the Angel tavern, which once stood on the east side of Oak Street. He died in and left money in his will to set up schools for the education of the city’s poor boys and girls. This may have been an error or reflects the developer’s original intention see Wingfield Road.

It is not thought these were lost due to bombing in the Second World War but as a result of slum clearance. Baldwin’s Yard See Dog Yard. There is another Barnes Yard off Magdalen Street. All are now gone, swept away in the late s when Anglia Square was developed. Botolph Street now incorporates the north end of St George’s Street formerly Middle Street , which was cut off from its southern half by the Inner Ring Road in the early s.

The Ordnance Survey map lists eight pubs in Botolph Street:

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Roman[ edit ] The capital of the Iceni tribe was a settlement located near to the village of Caistor St. According to a local rhyme, the demise of Venta Icenorum led to the development of Norwich: There are two suggested models of development for Norwich. It is possible that three separate early Anglo-Saxon settlements, one on the north of the river and two either side on the south, joined together as they grew or that one Anglo-Saxon settlement, on the north of the river, emerged in the mid-7th century after the abandonment of the previous three.

The ancient city was a thriving centre for trade and commerce in East Anglia in when it was raided and burnt by Swein Forkbeard the Viking king of Denmark. Mercian coins and shards of pottery from the Rhineland dating from the 8th century suggest that long-distance trade was happening long before this.

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This was a small house and shop, the upper front plaster faced, the roof surmounted by an unusually wide dormer lit by two casement windows. For many years the shop was occupied by G. In a description of the business published in it was stated that it was probably the only place in England where sedge horse-collars were still made. Other articles included cycle baskets made with reddish-brown osiers – “buff” to the trade – and “wilshes”, – the basketwork nozzles used by those who brew their own beer; these fit over the inside end of the tap and act as strainers of the solid matter – the body of the malt and hops.

Windmill Alley thatched house north side [ ] 2 Windmill Alley.

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