Heading towards Mono Lake, with solar on top. Or you may have noticed that Cherie teased about leaving me behind visiting friends at AM Solar while she headed off to visit her mom in Florida. Included will be our on-going testing results of comparing flexible panels from GoPower, Renogy and Grape Solar. Our goal is to design a system for Zephyr capable of powering the bulk of our typical energy needs for several days without needing to regularly resort to a generator. We expect that this will require somewhere between W to W of solar, with the ultimate goal being to install as much power as we can while still looking good. We knew from the beginning that keeping our curved-roof vintage bus looking good was going to be particularly challenging. Testing a variety of solar panels while boondocking at Winchester Bay Marina.

Why use solar?

We can design custom packages for any mobile application—please call to speak to a technician. Just about any solar panel will work for an RV or Marine application. However some are better than others. Most panels over watts are 24 volt panels and won’t work with 12 volt systems. In many cases even watt panels are too big for the sometimes limited space on the roof.

Solar use, and living “off-grid”, is a lifestyle decision. Adding an effective solar system to an RV will rarely pay back the costs of installing it. Nor will you recoup your investment when selling the rig. The best (and really only) reason to add solar is so you have the option .

Connecting a solar panel to an existing electrical supply can seem a daunting task. To run completely off of solar power requires the use of battery backs that are daisy-chained together so that they work together. If, however, you wish to continue to use mainline electrical while taking a lot of financial burden off of your back then you can do so. This is achieved by wiring the solar panels to the existing electrical supply of the home. Solar panels create DC power but the home uses AC power so it has to be converted via an electrical inverter and then that is wired to the home.

The following article will show you how to connect the solar panels to the home’s existing electrical supply. This can be an overwhelming endeavor, and it may be best to get the help of a certified electrician. You will also need a permit and the electric company to inspect the work.

Total off-grid solar powered RV

Marine solar panel installation article updated: When I first started sailing, I often found myself stranded at sea with a dead battery and no way to start my diesel engine. This is not fun or safe

by Bob and Chrissy Eustace ()Installing a Small Inverter in a Motor Home. An inverter is really an essential item in your motor home, as it converts 12 volts DC from your battery or solar cell into household style volts alternating current.

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You can catch his whole YouTube series here. Videos include everything from assembly , set-up , add-ons and plenty of personal mods from folks looking to build the better mousetrap. There are even videos on solar panel kit performance during rain and snow. If you want to get some insight of just what you can do with your newly-harnessed solar power, definitely check these out.

Preppers represent a good number of the solar kit shoppers, which only makes sense. Nobody anticipates contingencies like a prepper.

Introduction To RV Solar Panel Kits and Systems. Get Up To Speed On The Basics Of RV Solar Power Systems. By DoItYourselfRV Featured Posts, Gear, I am new at solar and camping. Can I hook up the batterie to solar panel and at the same time use this charging batterie? DoItYourselfRV says. 3 .

Mobile power stations, small commercial establishments and mobile residential homes can use this product and expand as necessary. The solar kit is also recommended for boats, caravans and trailers. Some very memorable moments can be had when traveling around an RV. With the right kind of power source keeping track of great photos and videos coming in your camera and laptop, running out of juice should never be a common occurrence.

Thankfully, the Renogy W Solar RV kit is here and ready to replace traditional gas powered hookups, all without the noise and the fumes. The solar panels reliably powers low-wattage electrical equipment without needing traditional power sources. The premium Renogy W solar charging kit lets you squeeze out all available power out of its system. The advanced charge controller has a nifty technology called Maximum Power Point Tracking, which does away with all the estimates and math about having optimal panel angles and trying to guess where the maximum rays are coming from.

Having this kind of technology lets users just lay out the panels wherever it is convenient, and let MPPT do the rest. Snow loads of up to Pa and High Winds of up to Pa are of no harm to this solar charging kit. The product also includes unique Z brackets for flat surface mounting, with MC4 adapter cables to finish up the job.

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Click the button to see our most recent upgrades: I know that was quick and brief but hopefully it gives you an idea of what our set up looks like and how it works. As you see we have two 65 watt solar panels for a grand total of watts. This solar setup was pretty basic. We had it installed at the Monaco factory when we picked up Windy in February

How To Install Solar Panel System on Your RV. Introduction. The basic set up goes like this. You get a solar panel and run wires from it to a control box. That control box is connected to one or more 6 or 12 Volt DC batteries like the one you have in your car. When the sun is out, the solar panel generates electricity which is controlled.

Ken reached out to me via the blog several months: I have almost completed a Ford E hi-top conversion van boondocking project…The solar panels should be here in a few days. Here is my setup: My challenge is I live in Wisconsin and all you guys are out west. All the dirty work is already done. The solar panels are going to be mounted on a Thule roof rack because my hi-top roof is full of curves.

The benefit is the brackets will be side mounted so the only hole in my fiberglass roof will be the wire drop and good air flow under the panels. I appreciate any ideas you guys have and I pretty much know what needs to be done just lack the experience to do it…so as far as labor cost for someone to help I could probably create a grocery list of what actions need to be taken and then I could get a pretty good estimate.

My immediate response was you can do the rest of this yourself. If one is handy enough to put together their own conversion van one can certainly put this solar stuff together. Over the next couple of days Ken sent me his wiring diagrams HandyBob, you would have loved them! We tweaked on a few things and got it just right. Wiring Diagram 2 I cleaned up the only error he had in the drawing:

Converting an RV to Solar Power

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i am trying to hook up the wiring to the battery on a citation supreme rv. this unit has two 6V batteries all of the positive and negitive wires are there but no jumper. so how do i have to hook .

When out on vacation, most people want to enjoy the same electrical conveniences in their RV that they have in their own home, which makes the battery supply important. Many camp sites across Canada do not have shore power connections for RVs, thus causing a heavy reliance on deep cycle batteries to power up the lights, appliances, water pump, stereo, ceiling fan, and other modern conveniences.

Here at Fraserway RV, we see more and more campers install solar panels on the roof of their RV to augment their onboard power needs — a wise decision! With solar panels, you can recharge the onboard deep-cycle batteries without shore power, compliments of the amazing power of the sun. Solar energy is free, quiet, environmentally friendly, and an effective, maintenance-free way to prolong your onboard power supply. Harness the sun’s power with a RV solar kit There are numerous types, sizes, and qualities of solar panels on the market today, so it is important to check with your local Fraserway RV Parts Store to get advice on which one will work best for your particular RV and use.

Our solar solutions also have the ability to grow with your changing RV needs, meaning that you can easily add more panels to your system should you need more power or wish to stay out camping for extended periods. Please keep in mind that any solar energy collection system you install in your RV is only as good as the storage capacity you have onboard your RV — your deep-cycle batteries.

Thanks to solar energy, you’ll have a great way to constantly recharge your deep-cycle batteries, but there is one more item to consider. Many electrical appliances do not run on volt power, but rather require household volt power instead. Adding a power inverter to your alternative energy system is a great way to use these appliances when you aren’t hooked up to shore power. Much like the solar power solution, a power inverter comes in many different types and sizes designed to fit a variety of needs.

Tiny House Solar

See the FAQ for more information on this very cool feature! You should see your gravatar displayed in all it’s glory over in the sidebar. Don’t have a gravatar? It’s free and once you do, your new gravatar will appear in the sidebar and in the comments you make on any mod. See the FAQ for more information. A solar panel converts sunlight into electricity.

We get a lot of questions from our customers about charging two different batteries in their RV from a single solar panel. For example, they want to charge a battery for their house batteries and also their ATV or boat trolling battery.

This makes your motor home even more like “home”. Rather oddly very few models come with one fitted as standard. If you know nothing about inverters this article is for you, as even if you have no intention of installing one yourself it will make you more conversant with what you need to buy or have fitted!

As usual this is another minefield area, and yes it easy to make expensive mistakes and worse buy an unsafe unit. We have made mistakes along the way and these are detailed here. Generators and inverters both perform the same task. The difference is that an inverter only uses full power when the connected device requires it. A generator chugs away even under no load and is noisy and a polluter!

RV Solar: Is It Worth It?

I agree to the terms of use policy. So far this has been a great tool for us as full-time cruising sailors. Anyway, tremendously nice to have aboard! Rated 5 out of 5 Ben — September 28, I have used my Kodiak for over 6 months multiple times a week for running high powered pumps, fridges, freezers, fans, lights, TVs, and all sorts of other stuff. I love the fact that I can add more batteries to it and I can run the Kodiak even longer. I highly recommend getting the car charger for it and extra panels to charge it even faster than just a few hours.

How Everything in an RV Works. Photo by Samuel James. Published: September 17, Updated: October 27, typically water hookups at an RV park. Think the spigot you hook up a hose up to in your back yard. Solar Power in an RV.

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Installing an RV Solar Panel

I have a 5th wheel. It has two batteries. My problem is they keep going dead. I can hook up to shore power for hours and once I disconnect, they will only hold charge for a short time they are practically brand new, I replaced the old ones because I thought they were bad, now not so sure. I run the generator and they die.

12 Volt Battery Hook Up For Rv 15 Amp Battery Charger 12v 12 Volt Battery Hook Up For Rv 12v 7ah Lead Acid Battery Macbook Battery X Fix Marine Smart Battery Charger Reviews Bp33 12 Sla Battery The problem of battery life has been the regarding nickel-cadmium a design. These batteries have a range of drawbacks that include limited life and short-circuiting.

I have an Itasca motorhome with two volt batteries wired parallel. I have been dry camping with this rig and have nearly run down the coach batteries after a few days. When that happens I have to start my RV generator which runs on propane to charge the coach batteries up some. I thought I remember you saying that this is not very effective. Is running the RV engine more effective or taking it out and driving it a little?

I am also thinking of buying a portable watt generator that I can just connect to the coach batteries and charge them in place. My plan is to buy the little generator and connect to the coach batteries in place without unhooking the battery cables. I have been told I can charge the two coach batteries together by hooking the positive clip to the positive terminal of one battery and the negative clip to the negative post of the other battery.

Will buying the watt generator, which has a built in 8-amp charger, do the job? And you remembered correctly; most modern RV generators do not have a dedicated battery charging circuit. As for connecting the load and a charger, both the load and the charger should be connected to the positive terminal of one battery and the negative terminal of the other battery in a two-battery, volt parallel set-up.

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